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Season 1 Trailer

Making impossible, possible:

Together with fellow dyslexic guest celebrities, Andrew reframes dyslexia as something positive – a problem-solving, lateral-thinking gift. Each podcast will help change the perception of dyslexia for children and adults alike and show them the immense possibilities for life-changing success. Every episode aims to be a treasure trove of advice, inspiration and hope as we delve into the gloriously different mind-set of dyslexic trailblazers. The ones that not just turn impossible into possible – but see dyslexia as a gift.  

Dyslexia is a gift like no other:

With its season 1 run of 10 weekly podcast episodes featuring a wealth of dyslexic guests – all leaders in their various fields from professors to authors, comedians to sportspeople – and with snippets available on Facebook and Instagram.

The host of ‘The Invisible Gift’, Andrew Kitley:

As a child with undiagnosed dyslexia, Andrew suffered the classic putdowns from teachers and peers. Today, he is a multiple business owner and investor, having learned how to live, study, work and thrive with dyslexia. The Invisible Gift is Andrew’s brainchild – a passionate exploration of the power and potential of the condition.  

Guests for season 1


Rod Nicolson

A professor, author, and one of the most important academic voices on the subject of dyslexia.

Angie Le Mar

Known as ‘The Queen of Black Comedy’ is a multi-award winning comedian, writer, actor, and director.

Grant Harrold

Aka The Royal Butler, is a British Entertainer, Royal and British Etiquette Expert, Royal Commentator, and Bradcaster.
Philip Schultz visits NPR headquarters in Washington on Monday.

philip Schultz

A Pulitzer prize winning poet and writer. He founded The Writer’s Studio in 1987. In 2011, he released his moving memoir My Dyslexia.

Chris Donnelly

The founder of VERB Brands; a luxury digital agency based in London valued at millions of pounds.

Adelle Tracey

A British runner competing primarily in the 800 metres. She was a torchbearer at the 2012 London games and lit the Olympic flame.

Jim Rokos

A multi award-wining designer and inventor.

Paloma Forde

A teacher and entrepreneur that specialising in dyslexic children. Founder of award-winning business Screening4Dyslexia.

Jon Holloway

A distinguished photographer specialising in actor headshots. His clients include Zoe Tapper, Lain Glen, and Michelle Bonnard.


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What’s coming up on season 2?

In season 2 we delve deeper into The Invisible Gift of dyslexia from actors to artists and a Duchess to a doctor.   

Production partner

OneFinePlay provides production, distribution, strategic development & commercialisation support to the The Invisible Gift podcast.

Dyslexia stats:

  • It’s estimated up to 1 in every 10 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia. 
  • 4 in 5 successful Dyslexics attribute Dyslexic Thinking Skills to their success. 
  • Many companies such as NASA, Google and GCHQ actively look for neurodiverse employees for this reason. Being dyslexia-friendly makes good business sense. 

“It’s time we all understand dyslexia properly as a different way of thinking, not a disadvantage”. - Sir Richard Branson


Finding Humour And Power In Dyslexia With Angie Le Mar

On the opening episode of The Invisible Gift, Andrew Kitley talks to comedian, playwright, and broadcaster, Angie Le Mar. Andrew learns all about Angie’s beginning in comedy, and how dyslexia is directly responsible for her sense of humour. Angie also takes us on a tour of her career, her sell-out one woman shows, why dyslexia has cost her work, and how it led to her writing her own roles. Andrew and Angie also speak about how dyslexia is misunderstood in school, why it really is a gift, and what needs to be done to get the most out of dyslexics.


Butler To The Royals - Etiquette And Dyslexia With Grant Harrold

Andrew chats to Grant ‘The Royal Butler’ Harrold. Andrew quizzes Grant on how he began his career, as a butler and Andrew learns what The Royal Family are really like to work for. We also learn how Grant realised he was dyslexic, how it has both challenged and empowered him, Grant shares some stories of the hilarious faux pas as a result of dyslexia, and the boys also speak about Grant’s etiquette school, and his plans for the future.


Sport, Determination, And Dyslexia With Adelle Tracey

In this episode of The Invisible Gift, Andrew speaks to Adelle Tracey: a top Team Great Britain athlete and middle distance runner. Andrew and Adelle spoke about Adelle’s childhood in Jamaica, her beginning in sport, how dyslexia has impacted her life and her goals for the 2021 Olympic Games and beyond.


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